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Exclusive Interview with ‘BETLIZZ’

BETLiZZ is a dope female up and coming artist with good vibes,nice tunes and impressive contents… though she’ll be dropping her debut single soon but we were opportuned to hear the track and we were really impressed.

So we need to get you all more info about the talented 16 years old girl by having a chat with her and she told us alot of things about her and her career…. Enjoy Reading!!!

360gist: Tell us your full name and your stage name.

Betlizz: My name is Akinde oluwanifemi popularly known as BETLIZZ

2)360gist: You seem to be very young… Do you mind telling us your age?

Betlizz: Am 16years old

3)360gist: Ok,tell us how far you’ve gone doing music and when you started singing

Betlizz: Uhm, i started singing this year and haven’t gone so far
4)360gist: We heard from a reliable source that you’ll be unleashing your first track soon… Is that true?

Betlizz: yeah that’s true

5)360gist: Good,so what should we be expecting from you? Tell us about the song.

Betlizz: You all should expect the best from me….
The song is about blessings and it’s a motivational song……. You are all going to love the lyrics, its 100% enjoyment

360gist: Wow,that’s cool.

Betlizz: yeah tanks

6)360gist: What’s your major source of Inspiration?

Betlizz: Uhm, the major one is God and good beat

360gist: OK.

7)360gist: Who are your role models in the Music Industry?

Betlizz: Simi and wizkid

360gist: Ok

8)360gist: What’s your greatest challenge as an upcoming artist

Betlizz: I have financial challenges
It’s been so hard getting into music

360gist: That’s true

9)360gist: What’s your greatest dream for Music?…How far will you like to go?

Betlizz: Well……. i will love to be known all over the world
To take over the industry with my lyrics

360gist: Such a big dream…

10): If you are given the opportunity to feature a foreign artist for free… Who would you go for?

Betlizz:I will go for justin bieber

360gist: That’s good

11)360gist: Are you from Ondo State?

Betlizz: Yes

12)360gist: Who do you see as a competition in the Music Industry

Betlizz: Davido

13)360gist: Really?…

Betlizz: Yeah

14)360gist: As a dope up and coming act,we’re sure you know lots of up and coming acts make bad songs that can’t compete for Limelight… Can you mention 5 up and coming acts you know who make good music?

Betlizz: Yeah i know usherdee, Ayox, shayopro, king c, issyMSK…They are future legends

360gist: Wow,that’s good

Betlizz: yeah

15)360gist: So,Who are the few people you would love to make shout outs to?

[Betlizz: I will like to shout out to my fans out there and to my mentors like usherdee, ayox, shayopro and especially to my best friend oluwakemisola

360gist: That’s good.

16)360gist: Conclusively,what would you like to tell your fans?

Betlizz: they should keep supporting me and praying for me.
They should expect the best and nothing but the best

360gist: OK… We wish you success too and waiting to see you at Stardom.Have nice moments

Betlizz: Thanks a lot

360gist: You’re welcome


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